Banaras and its Legacy of Toys

I found Dr. Manish Arora’s lecture about toys really interesting. Dr. Manish Arora is from Banaras and has an interest in Indian toys, the making of it and its history. In his session, he showed the city life and streets of Banaras which are filled with the production of toys. Banaras is famous for its legacy of art, paintings, carpet weaving and wooden toys. He showed us the entire process of how these cultural toys are made and sold to many customers like the traditional bottle dolls, Ganesh statues, small boxes, etc.

He also mentioned the fact that most of the women that work in the toy factories make up to 1000 toys on a daily basis. They also make latoos every day and that there is a particular ritual in which they offer the latoos to the gods.

Shravan Nair, B. Des. Sem VI, Animation and Motion Graphics, School of Communication Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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