Export Procedure

The shipper books space on Board vessel with the ship’s agents and prepare customs Shipping Bills after noting the Shipping Bills in the Customs, he applies to the Cargo Superintendent of the Ship and the Shed Superintendent concerned of the port for permission to bring the cargo into the docks for the purpose of export. Under instructions from the Deputy Docks Manager concerned, the Shed Superintendent grants permission to the shipper to bring cargo into the transit shed for loading the cargo on the ship. After the goods are entered in a register by the Assistant Superintendent (Exports) and are examined by the Customs and on being released for shipment, they are shipped by the Shed Superintendent in consultation with the vessels cargo Superintendent. The master of the ship issues mate’s receipts to the Shed Superintendent for the cargo received on Board ship. These receipts are issued by the Shed Superintendent to the Shippers concerned after recovery of the Port charges. The Shipper exchanges the Mate’s Receipt for the bill of lading at the office of the ship’s agents.

For certain types of goods, the Government of India has appointed special inspectorate staff or has authorized certain agencies to inspect the quality of the goods with a view to maintaining the standard of goods exported from India. In respect of such goods, the Customs allow shipment only after certification by the agency concerned that the goods are fit for export.

For the purpose of exchange control, the shipper is required to lodge a G.R. Form (guarantee remittance) or an E.P. Form with the Shipping Bills at the time of registration of the Shipping Bills with the Customs. These forms are collected by the Reserve Bank of India from the Customs; Duplicate copies of these forms are submitted by the shippers to the Reserve Bank through their own bank after exports are made.

Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma, Associate Professor, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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