Honest Confessions

My daughter asks me, “Why am I not able to concentrate on my studies?”, “I don’t feel like studying at all mumma!” I was just amazed by her honest confessions!

I get my HR inspirations from my parenting and other surroundings. Motivation & Leadership is not just about Business Management. It’s there in day to day life. One has to constantly motivate and direct their child, spouse, brothers & sisters and friends and so on…. As a mother I have to think of all the needs and drive of a kid to make her believe that studies are equally important. Need leads to drive, drive gives the objectivity and objectivity leads to action. Every individual has its own set of needs, once satisfied, the new set evolves. It’s a challenge to identify those unsatisfied needs and to lead them towards the actions

Dr. Bansari Dave, Associate Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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