Importance for Right Learning among Kids

Different Pace of Different Kinds: The pace of Learning is different for different students and it is unfair to measure each one’s performance on a similar parameter. Few students take more time while few consume more time to learn and understand the concepts. Adequate time should be given to the students to learn and adapt. After getting the results or score cards, it should be the combined duty of teacher and students to identify the areas in which the student has underperformed, and then arrangement for the revision should be there. The intention is to fill the learning gap of students. Unless and until the learning gap is not filled, it is difficult to take the student to the next level.

Cumulative Evaluation: Cumulative Evaluation should be made compulsory for all the students. For instance, the final exam of 1st standard should cover the syllabus of Junior K.G. and Senior K.G. Similarly, the final exam of 10 should cover the syllabus of all the standards from 1 to 9. Students usually argue that one’s exams are over; they do not remember the learnings. However, once the concept of cumulative learning is introduced, then students will not be able to have an excuse to forget the earlier lessons. This will be critical for the revival of the mental capabilities of the students. Cramming will not help them in the long run but the conceptual understanding with its nuances will help them in the long run. The cumulative evaluation pattern should be followed in higher education as well.

Dr. Vikran Jain, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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