Plants v/s Humans

I recently had an opportunity to attend a Faculty Development Program hosted by Gandhinagar Institute of Technology and listening to eminent personalities from the field of education. One of the sessions was very interesting, a talk by Vice Chancellor of Gokul Global University, Prof. Vedyas Dwivedi had some exceptionally unique concepts to share. He started by narrating the life cycle of a plant and mentioned humans having a similar cycle of life as well but unlike plants, humans often look back and be sad about the struggles one has had or currently trying to swim through it. He narrated how the fruit of a plant doesn’t know what the stem has endured while it was still a shoot. The fruit only knows the sacrifices of the flower since it knows only the flower of the plant. Similarly, the leaves do not know what all the roots are struggling through underground since the leaves only know the twigs or the branches. One needs to learn from the plant. Everyone loses hope once in a while but there are many people and many hands helping out as we conduct our way to life. One should never lose hope, one should never feel alone, struggle is a part and parcel of life that one should just stride forward with a lot of positivity in mind. Everyone has high hopes from 2021, let’s make it our best year ever!

Kunj Ganatra, Faculty, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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