Product Designers vs AI

Are Product Designers Missing out on the Reality World vs. AI?

Today’s generation of young designers is turning a lot towards technology-based design (AI); always striving to work in the best possible way to get better at using technology. While it is always good to know how to work best with technology, the question one needs to address is are product/industrial designers missing out on designing realistic products or is it because they are not being valued much today?

I agree we all have to keep up with the best technology like AI /VR but we should never forget that there is a basic field of tangible product design. Today you might be attracted by the flowery side of apps and other factors but getting real tangible things from the market is an undying field. All you young designers must experience the real world of materials and products as much as the virtual. Ultimately a person is going to need to sit on a physical chair and be served on a physical table. Virtual technology might bring much ease to life but tactile core product design will still remain as relevant as ever.

Saumitra Vaidya, Assistant Director, School of Industrial Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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