Responsibility of Export Goods

At the outset it is said that there are responsibilities of port trust to send the cargo without damages. If needs for loading and taking care of the goods, the docks gears can be used so that the cargo would be loaded on board safely there are some rules such follows-

Goods brought into Dock for shipment must be given into the charge of the Docks Manager or his authorized Receivers at the Transit Sheds, and must be placed in the sheds. The Trustees accept no responsibility for goods not so taken charge of and placed or for any goods placed in the open and all such goods will lie at Shipper’s sole risk.

Before any packages containing goods, listed in Appendix in docks By-laws are brought into Docks for shipment, the shipper should furnish to the Docks Manager a list showing the full description of the goods, the quantities and the identification marks and numbers thereof. A copy of this list should also be furnished to the Shed Superintendent of the berth at which the goods are due to be shipped.

Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma, Associate Professor, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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