What is the importance of vision in life? Why is it important to see the future? Our gurus say great visionaries are highly successful people. Visions are life aims; we see it with our closed eyes sometimes open. Different people have different visions in life but we all try to accomplish it at a certain point of time. However, we should know how to define our vision, because those who define their vision are the biggest winners. Just think about what you admire the most in life and then wish to have the same. Make an initiative to achieve your goal, your vision. Having no vision in life may bring you regrets at the end of your journey of life. We must know where we want to be, what we want to be in the future. Hard work brings you success but the vision leads our efforts to success.

Jyotirmay Dubey, Sem. II B.Des. Animation & Motion Graphics, Unitedworld Institute of Design

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