What Moves You Really?

What if there is someone who hardly gets motivated? Nothing, no grand inspiration, can help her look forward. This is a critical problem in a world that is full of exemplary embodiments of perfectly curated success stories of legends, both humane and seraphic. All of us understand that committing to a particular goal is necessary to sustain an active life. But where do you start that journey from? Are your piles of motivation derived from a human you adore or respect? Or are they some abstract ideas of Socratic virtues you believe in? Such beliefs themselves are not personal. An ideal society has determined them for you. And if they’re public, and not subjective to your constitution, then how do they manage to move you? Is it wrong to see a sort of alienation between you and the agent of motivation? How do you overcome this distance? These questions, probably, are sufficient to make us take a halt, look around and see beyond the institutionalised spectres of inspiration. How long will these standard examples keep us awestruck? It’s time we look within to survive our lives. After all, our lives are about our conflicts. Can we survive in moulds that we do not own?


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