Aradhana Ashvin Kumar
Batch: __

Title of the Project

About my Project:

The mask I made has glimpses of the culture and traditions of Kerala, where I come from. Since we’re under triple lockdown, I had to make do with the items I already had, hence this was a fun quarantine task. The different parts of the mask represent each picture in the ‘taking’ section. The head gear is made of cardboard and I tried to represent the 5th picture, the Mishkal mosque. I made gold spiral designs on it. The gold flower on top represents the woodwork in the 3 rd slide. The lower half of the mask shows the manuscripts on the 4th slide, with elephant tusks (2 nd slide), with one tusk broken to represent the tusks of Lord Ganapathy. Gold beads (representing the fabulous treasure of God Vishnu that the Travancore family has safeguarded for centuries) connect the head gear to the mask.

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