Hemant Sharma
Fashion Design (B.Des.) 2016-20

Linear Expression – A Unisexual Collection of Spring Summer 2020

About my Project:

A line can depict a lot of expressions, different ones for different people. A line is one of the most basic elements of design and art, but it’s also one of the powerful element. How we use a line, how the society uses the line, how communities uses the line, it all depends upon how positive or negative the thoughts are. We sometimes express visual bonds or hatred through lines. Gender discrimination is one of the subjects, this collection is leaned to. Creating lines between genders is common and on the basis of those lines judging their characters and doings are also common. This collection focuses on blurring those discriminatory lines and straight-ens a line of equality, pride and love among all the gender. It’s a Unisexual collection, depicting how the designed garments can be worn by both men and women. This blurs the line of gender discrimination.


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