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Announcement Admission
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Dr. Deepa Khatwani

Profile of Dr. Deepa Khatwani

Educational Qualifications
1. PhD, GLS University, Ahmedabad
2. MBA, Vardhman Mahaveer University, Kota
3. PGPM, ICFAI University, Ahmedabad
4. Diploma, International Business Management Institute Berlin, Germany
Domain Specialisation
Marketing essentials, consumer behaviour, organisational behaviour, Labour Law
Academic Experience
5 years
Industry Experience
3.5 years
1. Data Analysis using Power BI
2. Data Analysis using Tableau
3. Data Analysis using SPSS
4. Market Analytics
5. Mendeley
6. Entrepreneurship: from business idea to action
7. Strategic Management • Digital HR
FDP and Workshops
1. Participated in the webinar “Art of Thinking” organized by Christ Institute of management on 1st May 2020.
2. Participated in the webinar “Review of Literature” organized by Nuhianwali Education Society on 19th January 2021.
3. Participated in FDP on “Paradigm Shift in Quantitative Research Method” organized by the Faculty of Business Administration, GLS university Ahmedabad on 5th and 6th October 2021.
4. Participated in the Management Webinar series “Digital HR” conducted by Marwadi University on 4th March 2021.
5. Participated in a webinar on “EFA, CFA, Conjoint Analysis and how to write a good research paper” Conducted by Rukmini Dev Institute of Advanced Studies, May 2021.
6. Participated in online FDP on Handling partial least squares – Structural Equation Modeling (PLSSEM) conducted by IIMV from April 19th – 22nd, 2021.
7. Participated in a weeklong online workshop on “Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo held from 21st may, 2021 to 26th May 2021 organized by NAPL.
8. Participated in an online workshop on Mendeley reference manager (Literature Review) on 23rd May 2021.

Published Papers
1. Published research paper titled “Era of Indian Rural Market – Strategies, Challenges & Opportunity” in International Journal of Management and Commerce Innovations 2018 with ISSN 2348-7585.
2. Published research paper titled “Horizontal Expansion Opportunities for COCA-COLA in East Ahmedabad” in conference e-book “New Paradigm in Theory Research & Practices in Management”, E-ISBN: 978-81-93767-3-5
3. Published research paper titled “A study on the effectiveness of social media marketing in the hospitality industry” in International Journal of Management and Commerce Innovations 2019″, ISSN 2348-7585, 2019.
4. Published research paper titled “Impact of Cause-Related Marketing on Brand Affinity of Youth in FMCG Sector” in “International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM)”, ISSN: 2454-9150, 2021.
5. Published research paper titled “Employee branding – becoming a new mantra for employee retention” in conference e-book “Human Resource Management in the New Normal”, E-ISBN – 978-93-5473-780-0, 2021.
6. Published research paper titled “A study on the impact of covid 19 on travel behavior of generations” in “Rabindra Bharati Journal of Philosophy” ISSN No. 0973-0087, Volume No. XXIII, Issue 12, 2021.
7. Published research paper titled “A Study on Mindful Tourist Behaviour Post Pandemic” in the book “Market Dynamics and Strategies in a Post-Covid World” with an eminent publisher namely “World Scientific Publishers” 2023
1. Presented research paper titled “To study the level of social media addiction among various life stages with reference to Ahmedabad city” at the International Conference on Business, Innovation and Sustainability 2019 organized by Auro University, Surat.
2. Presented research paper titled “Women Workforce: Striking a balance between Personal life and Work life” in ATRPM conference 2019- GLS University, Ahmedabad.
3. Presented research paper titled “A Study on New Age Travel by Generation Z” at “Changing Paradigms in Management (CPIM)” organized by Shri Chimanbhai Patel Institute Of Management & Research (CPIMR), 2022.
4. Presented research paper titled “Swift Rebound in Travel Behavior: Post Pandemic” at “Nirma International Conference on Management 2022” organized by NIRMA University, Ahmedabad.
5. Presented research paper titled “A Study on Consumer Psychology Behind the Usage of Health and Fitness Consultancy Applications” at the International Conference by Narayana Business School Ahmedabad, 2023.
6. Presented research paper titled “Women Workforce: Striking Balance Between Personal Life & Work Life” at National Conference Advances in Theory, Research and Practices in Management” (GLSU-ATRPM 2017)