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Dr. Sajjan Kumar
Ph.D. Political Science (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)
About Me
Dr. Sajjan Kumar is the co-author of the book: Everyday Communalism, published by Oxford University Press, 2018. He is a political analyst and writes regularly in academic journals and newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, New Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Huffington Post, The Wire etc. His area of interest lies in Indian Politics, Political Theory, Research Methodology and Agrarian Issues and Election Studies. In the last 10 years, he has conducted field studies in 20 states extensively. In 2018, he was the Panel Convener of the session Titled, ‘Mainstreaming the Margin: BJP and North-East, at European Conference on South Asian Studies (ECSAS-2018) held at Paris, France. He has been the Academic Consultant to the Prime Ministers Project, NMML-Delhi, Ministry of Culture, India.
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