Ravi Sachula

Profile of Ravi Sachula

Educational Qualifications
Master of Fine Arts, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
Diploma in Drawing & Painting, Sheth CN College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad
Department of Animation & Digital Media
Subjects taught
22UIDC01C02 – Visualisation & Representation
22UIDC01C06 – Basic Design
Subject Specialization (UG/PG)
Drawing, Photography, Basic Photoshop, Drawing for Animation
Ravi Sachula is an Assistant Professor in Unitedworld Institute of Design, Karnavati University. He has 10 years of experience in art and design field. He has worked as an art teacher in various schools, like, Riverside School, International Montessari School , SKUM School – Ahmedabad. He is a visual artist, poet, photographer and eductaor. He won award in Graphic Art from Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy.
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