Shri Mitul Shelat

Mr. Mitul Shelat is a practicing lawyer with over a decade of experience in the Legal industry. He is the founder and Director of Mitul Shelat & Associates.

After a brief internship in a leading law firm in UK, Mr. Shelat finished his graduation in India and commenced his professional career.

He has represented Indian and multinational companies in disputes before the Supreme Court of India as well as the High Court of the State. As an advisor to leading Indian universities he has interacted with US and UK universities in facilitating their joint education programs; as well as representing apex educational bodies, state and private universities in India in their disputes before the High Court of their respective state. He has been engaged as a regulatory expert for the Tertiary Education Project implemented by the International Finance Corporation.

Mr. Shelat’s field of practice includes administrative law, company law, environment law, real estate law, civil law, education law and alterative dispute resolutions.

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