Shri N. C. Singhal

N C Singhal was the founder Chief Executive Officer, designated as the
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director of the erstwhile SCICI Limited, a premier
banking institution, structured for the development of industry and
infrastructure in India.  Earlier, he was a senior executive with ICICI retiring as
a member of the Board of Directors.
NCS was engaged as a Management Specialist with the Asian
Development Bank, Manila, for its programs in South Korea and Pakistan, and
for advising the National Bank of Uzbekistan.  The Government of India had
deputed him as a Banking Expert to the Industrial Development Bank of
Afghanistan,  a World Bank program . He was also Adviser to Nikko Securities,
He has been associated with banking, industrial and educational
organisations, in India and abroad, as advisor, chairman/director and trustee,
including Vice-Chairman of the Maritime Commission of The International
Chamber of Commerce, Paris.
He obtained PG degrees in Economics, Statistics and Administration, and
participated in several AMPs. He was awarded the United Nations Development
Program Fellowship. He has been regular invitee to the annual meetings of the
IMF-World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the Association of the
Development Financial Institutions of Asia & Pacific; as well as a guest speaker
at several conferences, organised by international banks, International Chamber
of Commerce in France, and at several business schools and professional

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