Surbhi Goyal

Profile of Surbhi Goyal

Educational Qualifications
M.Sc. in Sustainable Heritage, University College London
Diploma in Heritage Conservation, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai
Bachelor in Architecture, B.N. College of Architecture, Pune University
Global Design Program
Subjects taught
B.DESIGN (Global Design Program)
Part – I (Year – I)
BDG103 – Material Exploration
BDG104 – Visualization & Representaion
Subject Specialization (UG/PG)
Ethnographic, Documentation, Architectural Research, Sketching.
Surbhi Goyal is an architecture having 9 years of experience in the domain. Her experience has made her more sensitive to the Indian ethos, traditions and practices. She has worked extensively with diverse teams in a number of projects and architectural documentation. She is a self employed designer at 4 Corners Design Studio – Ahmedabad. Her past experiences of working in the field have made her to travel to a lot of places in India and understand issues related to sustain the heritage practice in India. She is also associated with an NFO “Intach” in Ahmedabad for heritage conservation. The experience to witness the procedure in the way these practices are done would has been very helpful for her to develop a base to carry on this back in India and do it in a more refined manner.
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