Tanya Pandey

Profile of Tanya Pandey

Educational Qualifications
• Ph.D.Research Scholar, KIIT UNIVERSITY
• LL.M (Hons.) Constitutional and Administrative Law: National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi (2017-2018)
• B.B.A. LLB. (Hons.) Business Law: School of Law, KIIT UNIVERSITY (2012-17)
Subjects taught at Unitedworld School of Law
• Constitution and Administrative Law
• Information Technology Act
• Law of Torts
Domain Specialisation
• Constitution and Administrative Law
Academic Experience
• Teaching Experience as an Assistant professor at Kalinga University, Raipur
• Published Paper titled “Deciphering Rights of Disabled through Therapeutic jurisprudence with special reference to the trial of Anna Stubblefield” (ISSN No.- 26514451) e-ISSN2651-446X in Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
• Published Paper titled “Reproductive rights of women vis-a-vis surrogacy and its comparison with India, USA and UK” Vol.7, pg 125- 143 (ISSN No. 2454-1613) 2020 in Lexigentia and LLOYD LAW College
• Published Article titled “Azaadi: A Women’s Perspective” in JLMPG Journal (ISSN No. 2581-8554)
• Published paper titled as “Refugee Situations: International Perspective and Indian Legal Framework”, published in Volume 1 Issue II LEX JURA LAW JOURNAL (ISSN: 2582- 3949), on 9th March 2020.
• Published Paper titled “Development Induced Displacement and Challenges of Rehabilitation and Resettlement, with Reference to the Chhattisgarh State” Vol.3 Issue 2, pg 13-37 (ISSN 2581-5369) (2020) in International Journal of Law, Management & Humanities IF-2.008.
• Published Research Paper titled “Due Process of Law: Comparative study of USA and India”, published in Volume I Issue III of “LEX FORTI LEGAL JOURNAL (ISSN:2582-2942), on 8th March 2020.
• Presented paper on “Data Privacy and Cyber Security Laws in India” scheduled on 15th February 2020, organized by the Faculty of Law, ICFAI University Jharkhand.
• Presented paper on Sustainable Development with special reference to Human Rights Perspectives, held at ICFAI UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN on 30-31st March 2018.
Conference, Seminars and Workshops
• Completed course on “Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice.” offered by Harvard University (25.05.2021)
• Completed 7 Days Faculty Development Program conducted by Himachal Pradesh National Law University on Human Rights in Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges (05.04.2021)
• Completed 7 Days Faculty Development Program conducted by School of Law, KIIT University
• Attended Webinar titled “E-Justice Delivery- Opportunities and Challenges” Organised by ICFAI University Jharkhand on 19th June, 2021
• Attended Webinar titled “World: Post Covid-19” Organized by Asian Forum for International Academic Interaction on 29.04.20
• Represented National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, in the National Seminar on “Emerging Issues Relating to Environmental Laws: NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES”, held at ICFAI UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN on 30-31st March 2018.
• Attended National Seminar on Corporate and Commercial Laws:”Legal profession in India: Meeting the challenges of Commercial Litigation” held at KIIT University on 30th March 2014.
Administrative Responsibilities
• Convener of “1st Intra- Client Counseling Competition” at Kalinga University, Raipur conducted on 30th Sept 2019.
• Organized Academic Workshop on Article Writing on “Legal Status and Rights of Women in Indian Society” at Kalinga University, Raipur on 13th Nov 2019.
• Member of National Service Scheme (NSS), KIIT University
• Member of Legal Aid Society, KIIT University
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