Anjali Ramnani

Profile of Anjali Ramnani Anjali Ramnani Ph.D. (pursuing), Academic Associate – IIM Udaipur, M.A., B.Ed., B.A. Domain Specialisation English Literature

Gunjan Sood

Profile of Gunjan Sood Gunjan Sood PhD OM&QT (pursuing) Nirma Univ, Ex Manager (StanChart Bank), MBA, PGDBO, B.Sc. (Stats & Maths) Domain Specialisation Operations Management, Quantitative Techniques

Dr. Deependra Sharma

Profile of Dr. Deependra Sharma Dr. Deependra Sharma PhD, FDP-IIM Ahmedabad, NET, MBA, MA (Economics), B.Sc. Domain Specialisation Marketing, Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship

Arun Bhattacharyya

Profile of Arun Bhattacharyya Subjects taughtPublications Arun Bhattacharyya Career Abstract A Fellow of IIM Bangalore, with a combined industry and academic experience of over 26 years, Arun has continuously demonstrated an ability and inclinatio...

Dr. Tushar Panigrahi

Profile of Tushar Ranjan Panigrahi Teaching InterestResearchSoftware and Analytical Skills Tushar Ranjan Panigrahi Dr. Tushar Ranjan Panigrahi, is working as an Associate Professor in Finance with ITM Business School, Kharghar, Mumbai. He earned h...

Dr. Vikrant Jain

Profile of Dr. Vikrant Jain Dr. Vikrant Jain Ph.D., M.Com., PGDBA, B.Com. Domain Specialisation Human Resource Management, General Management

Nupur Rawal

Profile of Nupur Rawal Nupur Rawal Ph.D. (pursuing), MBA, B.Com. (Hons.) Domain Specialisation International Business, Economics

Abir Ghosh

Master of Business Law, NLSIU, Bangalore PGDBA, specialisation in Marketing B.Sc., Economics (Hons.)

Kunj Ganatra

Profile of Kunj Ganatra Kunj Ganatra M.A., B.A. Domain Specialisation Language, Soft Skills

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