Message by Vice Chancellor (Provost)

Message by Vice Chancellor (Provost)

Welcome! To ‘Karnavati University’ (KU)

The  eco-system of society and business is undergoing unprecedented and disruptive change at a rapid pace, thereby, requiring professionals to deliver more, innovate faster and co-create values to overcome set of challenges that do not seem to go away, easily. The role of education and to be precise, quality education that is value driven, lies in achieving progress by maintaining normalcy and sustainable growth for stake-holders. Karnavati University (KU) strives to bridge the gaps in learning curve by adopting a deeper sense of direction through a superior pedagogy, enhanced experiential learning, experimental frame-work and an immersive project work, requiring laboratory set up, to enrich students, enrolled in one of the schools – design, business, dentistry, liberal arts, mass communication, law, computational intelligence as well as those who wish to become entrepreneurs by incubating at our state of the art ‘Karnavati Innovation Incubator’.

When we look back over period from 1765 onwards, when Industry progressed from norms of Industry 1.0 ( family system and use of basic machines powered by steam) to Industry 4.0 (full automation aided by artificial intelligence), it is evident that progress did not come without wars, civil unrest, pandemic and other major disruptions which were steadily  overcome by human spirit, propelled by ‘knowledge factor’. Therefore, seeking of knowledge and learning methods for apt application, is of paramount importance in today’s superbly connected ‘jet -age’ world, for which our university is an ideal cradle.

Interestingly, name – ‘Karnavati’ has historic connection with Manchester of east- Ahmedabad. There lies a strong motivation, for us to stick to our traditions as well as care for a vibrant flora and fauna at our pristine campus. You are invited to experience ‘happy feeling’ by visiting ‘Karnavati University’ (KU). Our academic community prays for your well-being.  Stay Safe and Happy.

Dr A K S Suryavanshi
Vice Chancellor (Provost)
Karnavati University

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