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At KSD, as per the rules of our university, every student of the Master’s Degree has to complete one major research project as a part of their curriculum. There are at least 45-50 such projects going on at any given time. Apart from this, there are always 2-3 short research projects going on at all the 9 departments of KSD. Apart from students, currently there are other 5 major research projects run by senior faculties. Many of our research projects are published in various nationally and internationally renowned Journals. More than 50 such papers have been published by faculties and students in last 3 academic years from KSD.

We are also proud to mention here that one of our faculties from the Pharmacology department has already completed 2 major research projects which were funded by private funding agencies and are under the process of being published. The products of the same researches are also applied and right now are pending for the patent. We also have one more such major project which is in the process to be applied for the funding.