1-yr Gap Year Programme at Unitedworld Institute of Design Image 1-yr Gap Year Programme at Unitedworld Institute of Design Image

1-yr Gap Year Programme at Unitedworld Institute of Design

1-yr Gap Year Programme at Unitedworld Institute of Design

Course Overview

The 1-year Diploma – GAP Year Design program at UID is an innovative program which has conceptualised & curated to appreciate, comprehend and assimilate a wide spectrum knowledge, skills and technology of Design education and positioned for graduating students, as a pathway aspiration towards a career or further studies in the realm of Creative Industries. The Diploma program has been designed through an in-depth study of various international Diploma programs and research of the diverse graduate students’ aspirations. The programme is created for a student at a graduate level who desires to explore and eventually envisions an individualistic creative direction towards the Design streams of choice for themselves. The course provides a breadth of elements & components that are a prerequisite to create a basal understanding of design. The intent of the program is to collaborate with the best creative professionals and subject specialists across the globe and provide an innovative and engaging, meticulous flow of content. 

The design of the program is in four quadrants which creates progressive scope to immerse and apply the design learning in diverse projects. The students will gain divergent knowledge of critical, current and futuristic aspects relevant to design and simultaneously develop modest skills as prerequisite for creative professionals. The scaffolding of the program converges into projects wherein students inquire, reflect and examine a direction for themselves with the tutelage of experienced academicians. This program is an innovative concept that leverages technology, state-of-the-art academic resources, digital skills & software handling expertise and experience in aligning a progressive approach for a robust design foundation.

The Vision

The vision of UID’s Gap year Design Programme is to create a unique academic space for any graduate level aspirant intending to explore creative careers and options through varied design disciplines. This is to be delivered in the online modality as well as a face to face engagement programme. The GAP YEAR Design programmed has been designed and developed to be immersive, exploratory and is embedded with scope for student driven deeper engagement to develop the ability to pursue and realize a progressive direction at the completion of the course. The philosophy of the program is to create a global, contemporary, critical, interdisciplinary and technology driven bridge foundation in Design

Any graduate or final year UG student pursuing a graduate level course in any stream. 

Course Credit Structure

  • Design Evolution
    • Introduction to design, history of design , art & design
  • Design Fundamentals - 1
    • Elements of design
  • Material Appreciation
    • Basics of materials and its application across disciplines
  • Visualisations & Documentation - 1
    • Sketching, rendering,nature drawing and human anatomy
Design Evolution • Introduction to design, history of design , art & design Culture & Aesthetics • Culture in the context of Design, culture and craft Design Fundamentals - 2 • Principles of Design, Introduction to Gestalt theory Design Strategies • Mini design project - can choose discipline Design Technology & Tools - 1 (Photoshop) • Basic design digital tools and Introduction to Photoshop Visualisation & Documentation - 2 • Geometrical Drawing, Perspectives, analytical , Isometric Drawing
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