Animation & Motion Graphics

UID’s course on Animation & Motion Graphics helps develop the creative talent of students, gives them technical skills and teaches them how to work as a creative professional. The course equips students with high-level conceptual, practical and technical skills to develop a career within the field of animation and motion graphics.

Students are given opportunities to work on projects based on real world scenarios that encourage them to develop innovative and creative approaches across a range of genre, techniques and applications.

The course encourages students in the production of creatively driven work of professional standards and think in original, innovative ways. It supports them in developing intellectual and critical approaches towards creative tasks and production processes in animation and motion graphics. As part of the course, students develop practical and conceptual skills in the production of animation and motion graphics for diverse media industries. The course offers a unique way into exploring a whole range of animation production methods and developing it into a career.

Animation and Motion Graphics programme offers a full spectrum learning in Animation. Here one attains expertise in creative concept building and effective audiovisual storytelling. Alongside one also undergoes an intensive training in 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion, and Experimental Animation. The programme effectively incorporates VFX, FX, AR, and VR exposure to professionally equip the student for the industry as well as an independent Animation filmmaker. A chosen Specialisation in Screenplay & Direction, Character Animation, and VFX & FX are designed to develop a deeper understanding, to find your niche in Advertising, Web, Gaming, Television, and Animation film industry.

India’s animation industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years. Given the scale, technological innovations and improvement in content, the animation industry in India caters not just to kids’ entertainment but also appeals to mature viewers.

Animators are also widely used in the video game, motion design and visualization industries.

As a creative professional in the field of animation, graduates will handle the creative, artistic and technical tools required to tell stories through synthetic images of their creation. At UID, students are expected to go way beyond the technological aspects of software knowledge, into a thorough understanding and application of animation principles, cinematic language and aesthetics.

  • Digital Cinematography basics / Film language appreciation
  • Introduction to Motion Design
  • Drawing for Animation
  • History of Animation
  • Animation Techniques
  • Principles of Animation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Concept Art
  • Essentials of Sound Design
  • Character and Environment Design
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Scenario and Layouts
  • Timing and pacing
  • 3D Matte Painting Techniques
  • Computer Animation Software and techniques: Hard Surface and
  • Organic Modelling, 3D Sculpting, Animation, Texturing, Shading and Lighting, Rendering Engines. Compositing and VFX

UID has designed a well structured curriculum for each course to foster unique creativity and vision. Our programme and courses are carefully designed to make a real difference to the student learning experience.

The structure of the programme aims to create a fine balance between theoretical and practical education. The programme focuses on the basics of the field of design while stressing on the possibilities to practice specific skills and knowledge related to specific courses.  The programme takes you through a facet of creative skills required to excel in your chosen field. During the course, students will be guided and mentored by experts while being given the opportunity to interact with industry professionals. The learning outcomes are assessed at the end of each semester to ensure that students have a firm understanding of the latest concepts before moving on to emerging trends.

Each course creates a dynamic environment , which builds the self confidence of the students along with a foundation of creative and technical skills.

The learning model at UID is incubated to create and adapt to an appropriate environment of learning that facilitates our students with new experiences. We make sure our learning model engages the learner into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for interactive student engagement and enhances the system thinking ability.

At UID, we believe that the experiential knowledge gained while developing and implementing this unique learning model is transferable to other disciplines as well.

Pradeep Patil

Assistant Director - Adjunct Faculty

Sachin Khankhoje

Associate Professor

Dr. Sudhanya Mukherjee

Associate Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Hirock Roy

Assistant Professor

Masters in Animation & Vfx, Visharad in Hindustani classical music

Neela Tayade

Assistant Professor

Masters in Film Design (NID)

R Seshadri Ayengar

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., Multimedia & Animation (MS University)

Snigdh Bhatnagar

Assistant Professor

Sundar Mahalingam

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. VC (Bharatiyar Uni., Coimbatore)

Ravi Sachula

Assistant professor

M.F.A. (Drawing & Painting), M.J. College, Jalgaon; Diploma in Drawing & Painting (C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad)

Manisha Naskar

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Vipul Prajapati

Assistant Professor

M.F.A. (Drawing & Painting), M.J. College, Jalgaon; Diploma in Drawing & Painting (C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad)

Prem Gunjan

Assistant Professor

UID organises a number of workshops on a regular basis to help students connect with and expand their creativity. The workshops introduce students to the concepts of design and provide a strong grounding and encourage personal and artistic growth through innovative self-expression. All the classrooms are equipped with unique modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment thatprovide an extensive experience in art and design. The workshops offer insights into topical themes in the field of design along with practical exercises that come with a high level of professionalism.

The workshops offer a hands-on experience of working in the industry and ensure that you can operate as professionals while you are studying. The workshops are committed to encouraging and supporting students in their creative journey.


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