B.Design (B.Des.) Interior & Furniture Design is offered as part of School of Interior Design

B.Design (B.Des.) Interior & Furniture Design is offered as part of School of Interior Design

School of Interior Design
The School of Interior Design at UID views design as a cultural practice that fosters critical thinking and situates it’s pedagogy in relation to contemporary conversation of the profession within the global context. The Interior Design programme, both at the Bachelors and Masters level is focused on promoting a deeper understanding of the potential and actual value of the spaces we inhabit.

Why study Interior & Furniture Design at UID?

  • Our curriculum encourages a broad exploration of the design practice with an emphasis on user-centred approach.
  • We enable our students to develop critical, technical and managerial skills that align with the contemporary conversation within the industry.
  • The course is focused on process-driven work that examines all aspects of interior design from conception to completion.
  • We equip our students with a wide-range of design skills that allow them to articulate their design ideas and thinking.
  • Our exemplary infrastructure and workshops support model making and prototype building for different kinds of design briefs.

Course Structure

  • Design & Cultural Studies-1
  • Communication Skills-1
  • Drawing
  • Basic Design-1
  • Material Exploration
  • People & Environment
  • History of Interior Design
  • Communication Skills-2
  • Aesthetics of Design
  • Visualization & Representation-1
  • Advance Basic Design
  • Advance Material Exploration
  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Interior Styling
  • Visualization & Representation 2: CAD
  • Interior and Furniture Technology 1
  • Interior Design Studio 1
  • Interior Services
  • Elective-1
  • Colour, Material, Light Design
  • Craft Design Studies
  • Design Lab
  • Visualization & Representation 3: CAD
  • Interior and Furniture Technology 2
  • Interior Design Studio 2
  • Visualization & Representation 4: CAD
  • Interior and Furniture Technology 3
  • Interior Design Studio 3
  • Interior Graphic Communication
  • Elective-2
  • Brand & Design Management
  • System Thinking & Human Behaviour
  • Visualization & Representation 5: CAD
  • Interior and Furniture Technology 4
  • Interior Design Studio 4
  • Portfolio Development
  • Design Management
  • Industry-Internship
  • Design Research
  • Graduation Project

Specialisations Offered

– Residential Spaces
– Furniture & Lighting Design
– Retail & System Design
– Hospitality & Service Design
– Space & Experience Design
– Speculative Environments
– Exhibition & Set Design
– Interior Styling

Career Prospects

The programme works in partnership with organizations, practices and eminent individuals from the design industry who support student learning and mentorship throughout their years at UID. We prepare our graduates not only for the design of future environments but also for a range of creative industries associated with interior products, furniture and interior styling. Our students go on to start their own firms, work in reputed design studios as spatial designers and interior stylists or become entrepreneurs in related fields.

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