B.Design (Hons.) Fashion Design

B.Design (Hons.) Fashion Design

The B.Des Fashion Design Programme focuses on holistic, dynamic and an individuality driven approach to prepare creative professionals for the fashion industry. The course breaks new ground as it has a balanced emphasis on conceptual, curatorial and managerial application of skills with underlying ethos that marries technical ability with industry and technology. The course design lays an equilibrium between fashion creation, fashion representation and fashion management with inclusion of styling, photography, communication, media make-up, global industry practices and entrepreneurship. The course allows the graduates to develop identity, expertise and voice in fashion through the choice of immersive projects and specializations aligned to create deeper and integrative learning experience.

School of Fashion Design
The Fashion Design programmes at UID enable budding design aspirants to explore and discover their individualistic aesthetic philosophy by creating innovative, ethical and responsible design professionals for a fast-evolving fashion industry. All courses are designed to develop cutting edge product, process and technical understanding narrated by a multidisciplinary and original fashion image and language.  The students have the resources and contextual space to develop a macro perspective of all aspects of fashion including textiles, styling and merchandising whilst augmenting micro expertise through choice based modules in chosen areas such as sustainable fashion, craft based design, denim, lingerie and intimate wear, couture, athleisure, knitwear among many others.

Why Study Fashion Design at UID?

  • Fashion Students at UID have a distinctive eco-system of learning in a culturally progressive city with a diverse heritage and industry and a multi-disciplinary university having labs equipped with tools and techniques ranging from traditional craft based practice to the latest digital technologies
  • The ethos of all course is driven with a research-oriented, iterative, inquisitive and eclectic approach with overarching critical contextualisation of culture, society, sustainability, ethics, trends, crafts, technology, market and business.
  • Students engage in numerous design processes, analysis of design in various fields, working with various materials and engaging in creating garments for women’s wear, men’s wear or kidswear in all categories of pret, couture and avant garde
  • The pedagogy of design course allows the students to develop a intra-disciplinary and contextual foundation in fashion with strengthening core fashion skillsets with inclusion and prominence on fashion styling, advanced textile expertise, media- make-up, photography, global business practices and social media marketing
  • There is a strong impetus on collaboration and engagement through numerous masterclass, workshops and projects with eminent Indian and International designers and professionals, industry leaders, academic institutions and organizations such as IFFTI, Cumulus, WDO, ADI, WGSN to develop new practice, paradigms and though leaders.
  • The internships and placements are done with top designers and corporations of the garment manufacturing industry. Access to our extensive infrastructure, multidisciplinary workshops in the campus and international collaborations with various international universities with respect to summer schools, summer internships and projects keep the students up to date with fashion forecasts and the world trends.

Course Structure

  • Design & Cultural Studies - 1
  • Communication Skills - 1
  • Drawing
  • Basic Design - 1
  • Material Exploration
  • People and Environment
  • Communication Skills - 2
  • Design & Cultural Studies - 2
  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Advance Design Studies
  • Fashion Material Exploration
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Drawing Fashion
  • Theory of Fashion
  • Advance Integrated Design Software
  • Fashion Atelier
  • Fibre & Yarn
  • Industry of Fashion
  • Elementary Studio - Fashion Basics
  • Drawing & Culture
  • Fashion Ethnicity
  • Graphic Design and Fashion
  • Ethnic Atelier
  • Surface Adornments
  • Indigenous Fashion Industry
  • Studio Bespoke : Sustainable Couture
  • Drawing & Imaging
  • Fashion and Culture
  • Packaging, Branding & Publication
  • Studio High Street
  • Denim Innovation Lab
  • Denim Phenomena
  • Collaborative Studio : Jeans Culture
  • New Age Illustration
  • Fashion Evolution
  • New Media for Fashion
  • Integrated Structured Lab
  • Advanced Materiality
  • Future of Fashion
  • Integrative Studio : Form and Fashion
  • Sustainability in Fashion
  • Industry-Internship
  • Fashion Issues & Research Context
  • Graduation Project

Areas of Mastery

  • Women’s wear
  • Men’s wear
  • Kid’s wear
  • Ethnic wear
    • Lingerie and Intimate wear
    • High Street
  • Athleisure
    • Denim/Knitwear
    • Haute Couture
  • Fashion Styling

Career Prospects

The programme prepares graduates who can work as a Fashion Designer, Design Manager, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Critic, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Writer, Creative Director, Content Creator, Personal/Celebrity stylist, Fashion Graphics developer, Textile designer,  Fashion Forecaster or Entrepreneur across a wide spectrum of export houses, buying agencies, design studios, designer labels, NGO’s and apparel retail brands.

Learning Model of B.Design Fashion Design

The learning model at UID is incubated to create and adapt to an appropriate environment of learning that facilitates our students with new experiences. We make sure our learning model engages the learner into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for interactive student engagement and enhances the system thinking ability.

At UID, we believe that the experiential knowledge gained while developing and implementing this unique learning model is transferable to other disciplines as well.


Fashion Design

Fashion Design - 19

Taruna Vasu

Associate Director

PhD (pursuing) in Dept of Fashion and Textiles at IIS University; M.A. Drawing and Painting - Rajasthan University; Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion Design, NIFT Gandhinagar; PGCHE from NTU, UK

Paresh Jayhari Chatterjee

Associate Director - Adjunct Faculty

PG  - Textile Design (NID, Ahmedabad); B.F.A. - Painting & Sculpture (Shantiniketan, West Bengal)

Ajay Bisht

Assistant Director - Adjunct Faculty

M. Des. (NIFT)

Kakoli Biswas - Faculty of Karnavati University

Kakoli Biswas

Associate Professor

Kunal Dutta

Associate Professor - Adjunct Faculty

MA (Fashion & Textiles), Nottingham Trent University + Pearl Academy Graduate Diploma (Fashion Design), NIFT, Gandhinagar

Akhil Tamta

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Aditya Chauhan

Assistant Professor

B.Des. - Fashion and Apparel Design (NIFT, Gandhinagar)

Anahita Suri

Assistant Professor

B.Des. - Fashion Design (Otago, New Zealand)(Collaborative Learning & Laureate Faculty in the 21st Century, Laureate International University)

Kiran Jha

Assistant professor

M.Phil. - Diaspora Studies (Central University of Gujarat); M.F.M. (NIFT, Bhubneshwar); M.A. (Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata); B.A. (University Of Burdwan)

Jaya Advani

Assistant Professor

B.Des. (Fashion Design), SNDT Univ., Mumbai

Meenakshi Omprakash Verma

Assistant Professor

M.Des (NIFT Mumbai); B.Tech. Fashion & Apparel (MDU Rohtak); Diploma in Fashion Design (GPW Faridabad)

Prateek Dev Vimal

Assistant Professor

Susmita Dutta

Assistant professor

M.Des. (Textile Design), NID Ahmedabad; B.V.A. (Textile Design), Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata

Pritam Saha

Assistant Professor

B.Des. Integrated Textile and Apparel Design (NID, Ahmedabad)

Ranjan Kumar

Assistant Professor

B.Des. Fashion Design (NIFT, Gandhinagar)

Sanya Jain

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Sharmishtha Sunil Salunke

Assistant Professor

MA Illustration; BA English; Fashion Design (INIFD); Fashion Styling (LST, London); UG Product Design

Vibha Harshal Deota

Assistant Professor

Ritesh Navnitbhai Thakkar

Academic Coordinator

Lifestyle Accessory Design

Lifestyle Accessory Design - 21

Ajay Chaudhary

Associate Director

M.Des. (Textile Design), NID Ahmedabad

Member of Karnavati University

Vivek Karmokar

Assistant Professor

MFA  - Sculpture (Delhi University); BFA - Sculpture (Delhi University)

Manu Joshi

Associate Professor

Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (P.G.C.H.E.), Nottingham Trent University (U.K.); B.A., Lifestyle and Accessory, NIFT Delhi

Sudeep Rawat

Associate Professor

Masters in Leather Garment Design & Technology (NIFT, Delhi); B.Com, University of Pune

Aritra Roy

Assistant Professor

M.Des. – Industrial Design (Ceramic and Glass) (NID, Ahmedabad); B.F.A. – Ceramic and Glass, Shanti Niketan, Viswa Bharati University

Kavita Aditya Chauhan

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Graduate in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory, NIFT, Gandhinagar

Sarban Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

M.F.A, Ceramic and Glass Design, Kolkata; B.F.A ,Ceramic Art and Design (Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata)

Shweta Rai

Assistant Professor

B.Des. - Jewellery Design (Pearl Academy, Jaipur)

Krupa Mistry

Assistant Professor

M.V.A, Creative Sculpture (MSU, Vadodara); B.V.A, Sculpture (MSU, Vadodara)

Kumud Krishna Kedia

Assistant Professor

B.Des. - Fashion and Lifestyle (NIFT, Gandhinagar)

Bhuvanchandra Khulavai

Sr Academic Coordinator

Sweta Dalal

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Faculty

Industry experts invited for master class/workshops/seminars
• Julien Roberts, pattern maker
• Shingo Sato, pattern maker
• Pramila Choudhary, sustainable installations
• Janice Mee, lingerie pattern maker
• Kallol Datta, fashion designer
• Lina Tipnis, fashion Designer
• Sunil Sethi, head of FDCI
• Mathilde Charrier, French fashion culture
• Digvijay Singh, fashion designer
• Rohit Dhingra, Fashion photography
• Hemant Jha, Fasttrack
• Krishna Chanda A Nair, Animator

At the heart of Fashion Design are the numerous skills that we teach our students and since we may not have all expertise in house we get people from different places and areas of expertise to conduct workshops with our students. The topics that are covered in the workshops vary from pattern making and draping; animation illustration; Denim and washing; learning skills like Crochet; workshops with practicing designers who start with a brief and continue till product prototypes, Hair and Makeup workshop with the industry like Titan on designing new Time Wear. In house faculties conduct workshops on printing and dying; turban tying etc as part of the curriculum.



The fashion design course focuses on holistic learning and understanding the basic nuances of design to create fashion. The course aims at enabling budding designers to discover and explore their individualistic aesthetic philosophy. At UID, we offer B.Des in Fashion Design.
To become a fashion designer, one should pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. At UID, we offer B.Des in Fashion Design that is aimed at enabling the aspirants to discover their individualism and aesthetic philosophy. It helps students improve their critical thinking, design application and technical skills.
The core subjects for the B.Des Fashion Design course at UID include design & cultural studies, drawing and illustration, basic and advanced design studies, fashion material exploration, communication skills, industry of fashion, and fashion issues & research context.
A fashion designer can work with a garment manufacturing company or with another fashion designer or launch own clothing line. The salary of a fashion designer depends on the location, experience of the candidate, performance, and company. If a candidate works individually, he/she will get paid on the basis of his/her skill set.
At UID, we don’t offer diploma in Fashion Design course. Our UG and PG courses in Fashion Design enables students to understand the basic nuances of design to create fashion. The courses are ideal for those who wish to become a fashion designer.
At UID, the duration of B.Des Fashion Design course is four years. The full-time 4 years degree programme comprises eight semesters that help students improve their design application and technical skills.
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