A human without a goal is a ship without a rudder

A human without a goal is a ship without a rudder” – Thomas Carlyle

Size: 72” x 108” Inch. Medium: Graphite dust and pencil on canvas

Alang is a shipyard that I have been visiting since a long time. I have observed every little aspect of that place, right from the people, their culture and lifestyle. They barely have any means of entertainment and thus, lead a monotonous life. However, my views about the place and its inhabitants changed after my recent visit. Realization dawned on me that there is always another side of the coin. Recently when I visited the place there was a strike going on and nobody was working. To my utter shock I saw them playing football and enjoying, without having a playground.  So, I took the initiative to making a football ground amidst the shipyard and also showed them how to play and enjoy.  It is like an ideal mind will surely come up with ideas and I feel that’s what they did. 

I believe that we as human have this nature to do something meaningful from a situation which otherwise appears futile.  This is a basic human tendency which I have portrayed and emphasized on. 

Vipul Prajapati, Assistant Professor, Foundation Dept., Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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