A Nostalgia featuring Bhopala Chowk

My friends and I used to leave in the morning to Camp area, Pune, to source different fabrics, trims and embellishments for our under-graduation projects. On occasion we used to greet the shop owner as ‘uncle’ and wait for them to open the stores. Time travels differently in there. We would spend hours in a single shop and not realise it. The reality hit hard as soon as we stepped out into the scorching sun, drained of all of our energy. That’s when it caught our eye! We always ended up finding our way to our usual haunt, Kashi Cold Drink House- the perfect haven to beat the heat. From flavoured sodas to a variety of faloodas, ice creams and lassis; the best way to enjoy the cold drinks was to watch the streets of Bhopala Chowk, brimming with people and their lives.

A pen illustration of the view from Kashi Cold Drink House, Bhopala Chowk. Picture Credit- Eliza Madathil

Eliza Sarah Tomy Madathil, M. Des. Textile & Knitwear Design, Sem I, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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