The word Heal means ‘to restore or to cure’.  Heal is a power. The idea here is to look after sustainability through healing textiles and natural fibers that are made from plant fibers.  

So, I chose a turmeric plant as my inspiration, and studied each element to use in my collection. The turmeric plant has flowers, leaves, raw turmeric, and roots- all with different shapes and colors. Turmeric flowers have beautiful shades which inspired me to tie dye my fabric in uneven shades. The layers and shape of turmeric leaves inspired layered silhouettes in the collection. The circular raised lines on the surface of the raw turmeric led to pleats in the collection. All the fabric is naturally dyed with turmeric. Here sustainability is the key concept to create garments that form our second skin and are soothing to our body and mind. Turmeric has ample amounts of benefits- in food, skin repair as well as a medicine.  

Moodboard. Picture Credit: Aditiba Gohil.
Tie Dye Process. Picture Credit: Aditiba Gohil.
Range of Garments. Picture Credit: Aditiba Gohil.

Aditiba Gohil, M. Des. Fashion Design, Sem. III, School of Fashion Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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