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Being a law student is an exciting thing. Lawyering is one of the most powerful, impactful and social servicing professions. Life of a lawyer looks fascinating to many. But history of being an effective lawyer is full of challenging times. Two things are most vital in shaping and making of a lawyer from a law student. One of an extensive reading of law and beyond. And second is about learning the find skills of legal drafting, legal research and art of framing a plausible and reasoned argument. It is true that in most cases, a habit of in-depth reading of law and understanding a legal reasoning begins with the law school but it gets sharpen to its best only when a law student undergoes internship in a law office. The professional discipline of legal research and comprehending legal documents in a time bound manner prepares a law students to prepare his legal brief effectively and in a limited time for his client. Internships therefore are indispensable in a life of a law student. These are the foundations that we build for law students in our law school.

Law is one of the most enterprising professions I have known both as a law student, as a lawyer and now as a Law Professor. Learning law enables you to fit into any role and portfolio in nation building. One must not forget all the great leaders who fought for our independence were stalwarts of legal profession. Mahatma Gandhi, B. R. Ambedkar, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Vallabha Patel and the list goes on. They all were lawyers. In the contemporary times, most of the important Ministries irrespective of the political parties are held by the senior lawyers. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Late Sushma Swaraj, Late Arun Jaitley, P. Chidambaram. Salman Khurshid, Kapil Sibbal, all these well accomplished lawyers have been Ministers in the Central Government. They have held various portfolios from like Ministry of Finance, Defense, Law & Justice, Human Resource, Information & Telecommunications and many more.

Law graduates these days have wide range of options to choose for career opportunities like:
• Primary Career as Advocate at Bar
• Corporate Counsel in Law Firms
• In-house Counsel in Companies
• Research Scholar in Think Tanks
• Legal Researcher in Law Research Centres
• Joining Judiciary- this is very promising these days as vacancies are increasing across State judiciaries. Working conditions have improved a lot. Most advisable for women candidates who can change the society in many ways by becoming a judge and serving the cause of justice.
• Research positions in institutions like National Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Law & Justice, Ministry of Commerce, etc.
• Law positions in institutions like UNICEF, UNDP for social welfare work which have lot of legal component to deal with social welfare legislations.

For a well-qualified lawyer, sky is the limit. Create your destiny, invest in legal education and join the cause of nation building.

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Nachiketa Mittal, Ph.D.
Dean In-charge, UWSL

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