Size: 36’’ x 60” Inch | Medium: Graphite dust and pencil on canvas

My work talks about my perception on seeing this landscape.  These trees barely had leaves on it and looked so lifeless from a distance that I felt there were some bags of trash hanging on them. On looking closer I realized that these were nests built by birds who stayed until they had their babies.  They flew away after giving birth. I also observed that not all would survive. I found it strange as to how come a place that looks so useless had value beyond our limited sight. I also realized that we always look at things from our point of view and create a limited perception that may change depending on how we see. My title Maternity portrays the very essence of giving birth to a life that ceases to exist irrespective of what kind of place it is, be it human or for that matter here in this case birds. It is the very nature that thrives which actually adds beauty to this place. Further, this title refers to the very thought that I believe in by Edgar Degas, French artist and sculptor, “Art is not what we see but what we make others see”.

Vipul Prajapati, Assistant Professor, Foundation Department, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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