Recreate to Create

I almost worship the quiet of the mornings when I can get the best out of me before the mad rush of the day sets in. Morning quiet is priceless.
Mostly I sit with my laptop or my pen/pencil and my thoughts start getting displayed on the screen or the paper.
I feel creativity has no bounds, no limits and that it should keep blooming. We had learnt metamorphosis in design in Semester 2 and taking that as an inspiration I made certain visuals that might look strange but creative. All of these visuals were done using Adobe Photoshop.

Laugh as if no one is listening and dance as if no one is watching. Software used-Photoshop
A moment on the lips, and permanently on your hips. Software used-Photoshop
Eat green and stay slim. Software used-Photoshop

Ritushri Halambi, B. Des. Visual Communication, Sem. III, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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