Shed the Web of Loneliness

‘Shed the Web of Lonliness’. Pen, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas. Artist- Manish Solanki

The indoor as well as outdoor games that one plays with family and friends during childhood are like a fresh breath of air that gives birth to new lives. These activities teach them the ways to lead their lives in a simple and holistic manner. On the contrary, parents today do not have enough time to spare for their children. As a result, parents have increased the use of mobile phones and tablets to cope up with this lack of time and their entire families have started to use such gadgets to a great extent. Due to this phenomenon, it’s the children, who suffer the most by being attracted to destructive games like PUBG, Pokemon and the Blue whale. All these games consume their loneliness but also increase the web of loneliness in their lives.  We as parents allow this web to spread around our children by encouraging them to play such games. Ultimately, we advise them to shed their web of loneliness but do you think it is helpful in such a condition?

Manish Solanki, Assistant Professor, Foundation Department, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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