The Crazy Jar- An Experiment with Handmade Prints and Packaging

Crazy Jar is envisioned to be a brand launching a series of premium kitchen jars meant for the high-end market segment. The product brief was an open one for the choice of material combinations and the branding was to be done accordingly. The result was a fusion of multiple materials with crazy but luxury kitsch.

About the Logo
Typeface used: Phosphate.
The logo is simple; it shows an edgy sense to the whole brand. It has a sense of aspirational, upmarket craziness to it.

Handmade Print
This print is an exploration with horizontal brush strokes with crayons using different colors giving it a sense of high energy, fun, youthfulness and positivity. The artwork has then been digitized and used as a print.

The packaging brief was to keep it elite, fun, colorful & upmarket- for premium teas or other edible substances. I decided to combine ceramics/ stoneware clay, glass & wood. These elements are flag bearers of style and class. The glass allows the customer to see the product inside; stoneware reflects a sense of timeless durability while wood reflects class.

Ceramics + Glass + Print – A combination designed in Adobe Photoshop

The Final Product

The final product is simple, cool, colorful, worth displaying & aspirational.

Stoneware & glass provides better chip resistance and durability. Canisters are dishwasher safe while lids are hand wash only.

Product Dimensions:
Large: 7.75″ diameter x 9.5″H;
Medium: 6″ diameter x 7.25″H;
Small: 4.625″ diameter x 4.75″H

Stoneware provides the perfect balance between weight, durability and thickness. It’s also highly durable. It is topped by a borosilicate glass. It is topped by a compacted teak wood lid which has the logo laser etched on its rim. The sides of the stoneware section are printed with the digitized handmade print and given a transparent glazing for further protection.

Abhrojit Boral, Assistant Professor, School of Communication Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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