Why KU mock test platform is unique:

As frontline professionals, lawyers may be considered as forerunners for protecting basic human rights even during emergency situations, including during pandemic. Not to forget that while regular business of the society as a whole has undergone a tremendous clampdown, courts including lower courts as well, are operating for looking after right violation cases and other regular cases (even with limited measures). Courts are using specific platforms to get connected with the court officers, lawyers, parties etc to hear cases. Why would the courts, lawyers, court officials would continue with their duties when access to internet has also become limited? The answer is, we the law professionals are committed to our clients and to the society as a whole to protect our collective as well as individual rights. This is the beauty of the profession which attracts young right activists, the school children, who may have decided to learn the laws to provide their services to the society at large.

I have come across several children in their teens who are interested in joining law schools. But Covid 19 lock down has blocked all of us from accessing knowledge and information from physical space. We are locked down in our homes and we are now completely dependent on cyber space for accessing information for anything and everything. Regular schooling, coaching and tuitions, higher education classes etc, are now being conducted through various online platforms. But this should not mean that students’ aspiration for joining their chosen courses should take a back seat. Karnavati University is offering mock CLAT test @ . Mock CLAT tests may prepare the students to know the techniques to address the questions in CLAT. It may also help them to gain information about recent developments in legal field. The Karnavati University platform is easy to access and it provides required standard data security as well. The mock test questions are developed on this platform by seasoned teachers of Law who had trained aspiring lawyers for several years. The answer keys are developed with proper reasoning, which may help the students to understand the philosophy of laws before they are actually enrolled in the law schools. The mock test papers are prepared in line with regular CLAT papers as well as with recent developments in various fields of Law. Further, the KU Mock CLAT test platform also offers cash prizes for students to motivate them to perform well.

All students may consider joining the mock CLAT test on KU platform as the registration is free for all students.

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Prof. (Dr.) Debarati Halder, Professor – Legal Studies, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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