Constitution/Early Specialization/Career Pathing & NEP

Constitution: In every government vacancy, the thorough knowledge of Indian Constitution is expected however, nothing is being taught in the schools. Indian Constitution is the most fundamental book that should be read, understood and practiced by every Indian Citizen. Primarily there are Articles and Directive Principles of State Policy but rarely anyone knows about it, except the Government job aspirants.  Understanding of Indian Constitution makes the understanding of Law simple and easy. The knowledge of the Constitution helps us to understand the skeleton of the political system of India. It is the first rule book that every citizen should follow. Indian Constitution is one of the most comprehensive Constitutions of the world. We have tried to inculcate the best points after studying the constitution of different countries. However, implementation is a huge barrier. The constitution has been amended as per the needs of the system. Our constitution is one of the best constitutions in the world, however it is rarely known or practiced by the institutions, systems and people in India. The awareness of Indian constitution will not only help in cracking the government exams but bring back the respect and the lost essence of our Constitution.

Early Specialization: Despite investing 18 years in education to complete graduation, India’s majority population is considered to be unskilled for the job. This indicates a problem in the education system in India.  India’s education primarily focuses on the cramming abilities of the students and the application part is completely missing. Despite completing engineering, engineers are incompetent, despite completing MBA, managers are incompetent. Hundred percent result has been declared but the educational institutions which again reflect apathy. Early specialization will help the student to master a field of his/her choice or preference. We all have heard this famous maxim: Jack of all but master of none. The maxim suits the majority of the Indian Population. While interviewing people, we can find a commerce graduate doing Sales and Marketing and BSc with Maths also doing Sales and Marketing. Our schools have passed and promoted the students to higher educational institutions and the institutions have further pushed them into the job market where the majority of them are unemployed leading to a rise in crime rate. Early specialization will make the candidate job ready. Specialization should be offered from 7th standard onwards along with the regular subjects. The student should choose at least two subjects as specializations.

Career Pathing: It is important to conduct a psychometric test of the students to understand their personality traits and what field they can excel in their lives. After identification, similar fields should be suggested to the students in consultation with their parents.Career Pathing should be done in earlier standards. This will help the student to understand his/her dreams and aspirations that are realistic and achievable. For instance, MCMF Test i.e. My Choice My Future test by Pearson is exemplary in helping the students to decide the right career at the right stage. Similarly different kinds of Psychometric tools and analysis are available with Anahat, an organization that specializes in similar kinds of analysis.

Vikrant Jain, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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