Going Green with micro greens

This lockdown and self-quarantined times have taught people a lot of things, including self-development, cooking, working from home, multi-tasking and much more. It has also taught us to cultivate micro greens. One of the various youtube videos you must have watched in all these months would be how to go green and grow your own microgreens. It takes simple efforts and the bearings are more beneficial to the environment as well as health. Little did you wonder that your 10 hour job would become so stressful even from your home sofa that you would end up de-stressing yourself not in a cafe or a gym but laying sheets of tissue paper in a discarded plastic box and sprinkling it with mustard seeds. Suddenly your amazon search feed summons you to check the bone-china clay pots with indigo ink designs, your instagram AI synced accounts suggest you pages to buy extra expensive succulents and organic products. The all time sweating cricketer in you has suddenly turned into a gardener buying useless gardening aids that may be tossed away in the storage once the workplace resumes. But at the moment it certainly helps you kill time, do something wise and pump up the happy hormones which are barely alive surrounded by news of the pandemic and the crisis it has to live in. Some of the most easiest hobbies are painting and growing microgreens, each requiring minimum essentials with maximum output. As young kids, all of us have grown them in school as part of EVS or science projects where we learn about the germination process of parts of a plant. Microgreens grow at a great speed making it easier for those with minimum patience. It also grows easily on tissue papers with just water and sunlight for photosynthesis making them easy study table plants. Micro greens in winters can be a great addition to the salads at lunch tables can just be an added benefit.

Kunj Ganatra, Faculty, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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