National Rail Design Competition

National Rail Design Competition

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About National Rail Design Competition

CREA, the design week honoring Design and Technology in collaboration with United world institute of design.Launches its 2022 vision of future mobility/product/Interaction services for Indian Rail Design Contest under the theme of ‘Design of Future’.

Indian Rail Design Contest challenges aspiring designers, students from any field , to create exciting visions for future Rail Design Environment concepts. The designs do not need to be a Vehicle/transport. But they do need to be unique for the future in regards to the brief.

Uniquely, the Indian Rail Design Contest features designers from UID shortlisted participants one-on-one, a  team that provides digital modeling guidance to finalists.Every selected team will have a mentor for a particular subject.

This year, UID plans to produce the winning design as a Incubation for the same idea/patenting, expected to be showcased in Ahmedabad Design week and CREA hosted in UID campus Ahmedabad.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: 13th November 2022

Entry Fee: Rs 500/- INR.

And Submit the category Idea Design Problem.

Design Submissions Deadline

Deadline: 18th November 2022

110 student designers will be shortlisted after initial submissions of 2D design material. (10MB MAX)

Winners Announcement:

Date : 21st November 2022

Registration Form (Last Date of Registration will be 13th NOV 2022)

Competition Brief

Entries to the UID Design Award & Competition can be both concept stage or realized area Indian Railways. Projects can be nominated which are in the area of Spaces(special needs access), Vending machine (ticketing/food vending), railway design (Locomotive), Interior berth design for boggie,Wayfinder/kiosk solutions.For concept stage entries, the brief is to design a new product, project or solution that implements as many of the following elements:
1. Design for a better future 2035.
2. Design Spaces and solutions that create a better future.
3. Designs that provide additional utility to consumers and customers and visual Aesthetics,
4. Design for people, design for society, design for value.
5. Make your designs original and different.
6. Design locomotives,solutions and services which satisfies people's needs, let your creations reflect your aesthetic taste.
7. Your entry should fit one of the design award categories.

Unlike other design competitions, you will notice that our design brief is very new in the area of geographic and demographic way.; You can use any material, you can use any technology, you can design for the future, as long as it adds positive value to the Railway Systems. We do not expect a single design to change the world, we need millions of little incremental designs, which when put together improves the quality of life. We especially wanted to make the brief open and unrestrictive in order not to limit your imagination, as well as to recognize new Ideas towards Rail Design;

Why this Brief

The ultimate aim of the UID Rail Design Competition is to increase the quality of travel and travel experience in the Indian Railways system. We believe this mission is highly achievable if we improve all products, services, architectures and systems around us with respect to railways. To improve all products, services, architectures and systems we need to complete two major tasks. First, we must put a spotlight on the very young designers and upcoming designers/architects; to create an awareness for good design practices and principles so that it increases the demand for good designs. When the demand for good design increases, the companies and governments who provide the products, services, architectures and systems will be obliged to do better. Furthermore, we must recognize, celebrate and congratulate good design and their designers; we must award the very best designers, brands and architects; doing so will make the design profession more prestigious, and will create a different type of incentive for designers, architects and brands to come up with superior designs that improve the quality of life. We must create ways to highlight innovation, technology and design in order to achieve our aim of creating a better world.

Technical Aspects

Technical requirements and aspects of presentation are not included in the brief, as the brief is the scope of the competition. However, please check our entry instructions page in order to understand the technical requirements such as image dimensions, and also access further guidelines on text.

Product Specific:

Create new age designs for Kiosk/vending machines, access for special abled people/design appropriate products for people who can complete their tasks independently.

Interaction Design:

Create Service/solution for railway information systems eg. entertainment system, real time train tracking/finding platforms. Services like finding porter,cab,food/catering,attendants etc.Creating design for mobile,Kiosk,AR,wayfinding etc.

Transportation/Locomotive design:

Create a future of locomotives.Bogie design berth/toilets/commercial kitchen on rails.

Abstract Design:

Look at the future scenario and create a better tomorrow for rails keeping and creating the scenario for 2035.

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