B. Des. Global Design Programme

B. Des. Global Design Programme

The B. Des. Global Design Programme at UID has been crafted through deep research, collaboration with top International Design Schools, using innovative approaches for reimagining Design education in India. It provides a unique opportunity for a student to understand global perspectives to tackle design challenges with an international style of learning in a global class room with world renowned faculty in a multi city / country learning model in vibrant Design Capitals of the world to give you a career edge.  Our vision is to provide students with an experience that is unparalleled, nurturing them to be design leaders and creative catalysts who deliver positive social, environmental, economic and cultural change.

This is one of global design programme & interdisciplinary practices includes 4 major streams B Des – VC/ PD / FD & Interior Design .
The vision of UID’s 4-year Global Design Programme is to provide an international education environment that is unique & unparalleled. This programme has been jointly evolved, developed & designed by the four diverse participating institutions; all recognised as international leaders and centers of creativity and innovation, offering complementary expertise in art, design, innovation and technology.

Why study B. Des. Global Design Programme at UID?

The Global Design Programme (GDP) is created to nurture and train creative catalysts and future leaders of design and innovation. It is for students who have the passion, intelligence, and creativity to drive the redefinition of the trajectory of global design. Students who want to experience and learn design in different continents, with an immersive educational experience in world-class educational institutions based in four culturally diverse countries; viz. India, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

This course prepares students to explore the future-scape of design by negotiating across disciplines in an interdisciplinary ecosystem. It allows them to be curious and evolve the ability to question and respond to design challenges both individually and through collaborative global perspectives. It aims to impart competencies that aid opportunity mapping, strategies to transform design, innovative practices to develop entrepreneurial ventures, new businesses, and start-ups for the creative industry.

Course Structure

The B. Des. (Global) – Design programme is an academic platform for emerging young designers to experience the world in a unique multicultural, intellectual, visual, and tactile way.

In addition to a ‘home-base’ center at UID – Ahmedabad, each student spends an integrated alternate semester at each of the other partner institutions in Europe, Australia & UK. The students will spend a total of three semesters abroad – Semester 3, 5 and 7.

These semesters are totally immersive in different world-class cities, each with their own local, global, cultural, economic and human characteristics. The journey is rich in terms of design learning and experience, and a dynamic path towards becoming a ‘global creative catalyst’ – one capable of envisioning and delivering new possibilities for a better world through a multiplex approach to design.

Specialisations Offered

The course has an interdisciplinary approach but follows four major specialistion pathways –

1) Visual Communication
2) Product Design
3) Fashion Design
4) Interior Design

Career Prospects

Our B. Des. (Global) student can seamlessly transcend international boundaries owing to the distinct advantage of interacting with international faculty, living in diverse professional environments; imbibing studio-based collaborative and experiential learning in a multicultural classroom; this programme offers the best platform for young designers to build a rapport with topnotch international designers and explore several design avenues both in India and abroad.

This course provides students with a vital global edge in advancing their career goals over their peers in the design industry by adopting the best practices in design education that the world has to offer.

Programme Highlights

· Integrated semesters abroad in Australia, Italy and UK with certification from all universities with a recognised degree conferred upon by Karnavati University at the culmination of the course.

· Global exposure, international studio visits and live projects in four countries.

· Interdisciplinary design labs with a focus on Design Innovation and Design for the future.

· Best global practices in interdisciplinary Design Education in multicultural classrooms.

Admission Open. REGISTER and APPLY Online at

The UID based curriculum is a sequential mix of different design experiences where there is an emphasis on design thinking, problem solving, making and prototyping. The teaching philosophy is one of practice based and self-directed learning with the participants of the Programme defining their path and processes.  The course will take students through various facets of design disciplines including different approaches to design from Communication Design (visual communication), Fashion Design, Product Design (Interaction Design) with the flexibility to choose from different domains and design disciplines in the host institutions.  

Successful completion of 10+2 (higher secondary education) with minimum 50 % aggregate from any recognized higher secondary School board in any stream.

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