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Career Outline

  • Design drawing, Space & forma
  • Materials and technology including mechanism, strength & structure of material
  • Emerging technology, composite as well as production planning
  • Technical aspects of furniture making
  • History of furniture and industrial design
  • Elements of furniture & interior design
  • Furniture & interior design methodology
  • Interior space
  • Sustainable design system
  • Modular technology and design system
  • Lighting system & exhibition design
  • Design culture and psychology
  • Design production and industrial experience drawing, rendering, form studies, and product development are the core subjects in Lifestyle & Accessories Design studies.
  • History of body ornamentation is aimed to understand the relation between body and ornamentations and create deeper understanding for body adornment.
  • Material and technical studies, orthographic & autoCAD are aimed to get exposure to different materials and technical aspects in order to implement design into reality.
  • Craft development and research are integral part of design education to understand socio-economy trend of craft heritage and ornamentation.
  • Trend study, market opportunities and strategies, fashion forecast and range development are the core factors for students to make their special presence in the field of Lifestyle & Accessories Design.
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