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At UID, students of jewelry design are encouraged to think creatively and develop their own style using materials and alternative materials to create rings, neck pieces, earrings, bracelets and more. Students are encouraged to learn every step in the process of jewelry making—right from designing to the final production. The course involves lessons on the concepts, planning and the practical aspects of jewellery design.
The course on Ceramic Design will give you a solid introduction into the core ceramic techniques and materials. The course provides a design-led creative experience of ceramics with a broad subject context and brings a culture of responsible design to the study of ceramics. Students get the opportunity to learn about an ancient craft while applying their unique, contemporary designs to the process. They also discover ways to integrate their designs into the humble clay and mould it into products of their liking and expression.
As part of this course, students acquire knowledge of the working phases of leather as a product, with hand and the use of machines. Students are expected to learn the entire process of leather design and production, including cutting, drilling, assembling, sewing and finishing. The course is designed to teach students the elements of the leather crafts. UID’s learning approach teaches students the basic framework of knowledge that is very practical.
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