5-years Integrated Masters Programme

5-years Integrated Masters Programme

The 5-year integrated Masters Programme combines undergraduate and postgraduate study, building on the UID undergraduate design (B.Des) , providing students the opportunity to explore a subject in enhanced detail & enabling graduates with a more specialized qualification. This rigorous programme puts students on a fast track to achieve a Masters degree within a five-year single course (instead of the traditional 6 years effectively saving one year)

The 5-year Integrated Master’s Program at UID is a cutting edge program that provides an accelerated pathway to a Master’s degree. Ideally suited for applicants looking for intense, futuristic Design education, this program focusses on creating transformative designers aiming to redefine the boundaries of design. The Masters Design (Integrated) is an ideal springboard and qualification for further advanced levels of study in rapidly evolving disciplines of design with increasingly complex & interconnected spheres of practice.

In the future, interdisciplinary skill sets will increasingly be the norm rather than the exception and the UID Integrated Masters is curated combining deep knowledge of emerging areas & interdisciplinary learning to make our students ready for evolving futures and globally changing perspectives.

Masters Students immerse themselves in an integrated, intercultural and interdisciplinary setting within state-of-the-art infrastructure that emphasises freedom, flexibility, initiative and inquiry.

Why study 5-years Integrated Masters Programme at UID?

The 5-Years Integrated Masters of Design Programme gives a comprehensive exposure through an interdisciplinary, project-based approach to design. It has evolved through a deep dive into emerging collaborative and pedagogical approaches and built on a foundation of an innovative curriculum that incorporates the best practices of top International Integrated Masters programmes.

It seeks to address an emergent need for specialized Masters Graduates with enhanced conceptual and globalized skill sets and ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate complex information, concepts and theories to articulate innovative design responses.

The Integrated Master of Design Programme engages with a symbiotic industry connect lab and project-based teaching methods to offer a futuristic design education experience in India; which is at par with the best international programmes.

In the future, interdisciplinary skill sets will increasingly be the norm rather than an exception and UID’s Integrated Masters is curated combining deep knowledge of emerging areas & interdisciplinary learning to make our students ready for evolving futures and globally changing perspectives.

The Integrated Master of Design programme encourages students to examine how design can engage with emerging issues of socio-cultural, geopolitical and human interfaces, through Design innovation, research and development.

Course Structure

The curriculum at Undergraduate Levels of an Integrated Master’s course shares commonalities with the 4 year UID B. Des. degree (Semester 1-8), whereas the programme of study in year 5 (Semester 9,10) translates towards enquiry based masters level conceptual research and projects. The final year facilitates independent research/inquiry led student projects designed to include a synoptic overview of the Course and the fields of study undertaken by the Student;

The M. Des. Integrated includes,
i) a programme of study of at least 5 academic years (full-time) duration inclusive of Final project

ii) provide an extended and enhanced programme of study with an increased emphasis on Emerging Issues/industrial relevance;

iii) integrate a 4 year (full-time) period of undergraduate study ) with at least the equivalent of one year (full-time) study at Master’s level (Equivalent to UK level 7) leading to a single Master’s degree at the end of the programme

Areas of Mastery

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Career Prospects

The UID’s Integrated Masters graduate has the professional skills necessary to undertake broadranging leadership positions in the fields of- Design Product Conceptualization, Design development, Entrepreneurship, User-centric design, either as Design heads, Design strategists, Information architects, Team leaders, Communication / Visualization experts and other related positions.

The programme instils professional competence to undertake complex multidisciplinary design projects by leading design interventions in socio-cultural and functional innovations, design development and planning.

5-years Integrated Masters Programme – Highlights

· Two qualifications in one i.e. B. Design and M. Design; provides a professional head start and an enhanced comprehension of your chosen subject of study from an interdisciplinary perspective.

· Unique and differentiated graduate profile.

· Appeals many employers enabling the Master’s graduate profile to stand out in both national and international internships and placements.

· The economic benefits of saving one year’s tuition fees.

· The transition from B. Design to M. Design is a manner which allows the student to develop dissertations and design projects enabling to specialise in their respective areas of focus.

The UID based masters curriculum is a sequential mix of different design experiences. There is an emphasis on conceptual understanding and solving complex design challenges through advanced research, problem solving, management and execution skills. The course will take students through intersections of design disciplines including and not limited to different approaches to design from Communication Design (visual communication / graphics), Fashion Design, Product Design, Interaction Design with the flexibility to choose the masters track from integrated domains and design disciplines.

Students will be challenged to reformulate and use evidence based design knowledge in a symbiotic framework with intuitive, cross disciplinary and practical design skills. These facilitate independent enquiry and deep learning to create new pathways in contexts where there are myriad interacting factors.

The programme comprises a mixture of Core inputs, track-specific inputs and elective courses offering students the opportunity to select learning pathways that match their individual interests and career goals. During the programme, students will have ongoing projects with industry providing students with valuable experience from practice.

In the final degree project, students perform in-depth analysis and work on a contextual design challenge from industry, society or academic research that is in line with the chosen specialisation. The degree project is supervised experienced mentors and can be performed in an industrial setting or in an academic environment

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