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Summary of Pedagogy

The main aims of the Masters of Design Integrated (MDI) Programme -5 Years in Integrated Design are:

  • The program offers a gradual ascending system of introducing concepts in Interdisciplinary Integrated Design and technology in a progressive manner.
  • Students are engaged at each level in understanding and honing knowledge & skills in problem discovery and resolution, critical and imaginative thinking, verbal and visual communication and appropriate technologies.
  • The first year ( known as the Foundation year) will introduce the students to the foundational aspects of the drawing, material, thinking, and process, coding, and software, fundamentals of design. Students will be lead into designing for cultural spaces and the complexities involved in them. The impact and influence of design on society in terms of their outlook, habits, and behavior are discussed. In addition to the established mapping for 1st year of design schools, students of IMD need a fast-tracking. There is an added exposure to elective based learning designed to raise the cumulative learning outcomes.
  • The second year introduces the students to the advanced basics of design thinking, critical understanding and creation. This is also the time when introduction to global trends, transitions and their impact on society are introduced. Students are exposed to psychology and behavioral studies leading them into socially innovative interdisciplinary human centered design
  • The third year consolidates the students to design thinking, critical understanding and creations abilities. The students work in technology and future centric lab based projects. Conceptually they have advanced exposure to communication theory, design management practices and basic exposure to the design legal ecosystem. This year has a rigorous engagement with systems thinking and semiotics.
  • The fourth year is designed to introduce the students to the industry and design research. This happens through a three month internship followed by guide exposures to entrepreneurship, startup ecology and brand management. The design research skills of the students are horned through seminar based modules. In continuity of the previous years exploration of the design innovations students will go through industry led and collaborative design innovation projects.
  • The fifth and the final year integrates the learning outcomes of the previous four years into a comprehensive post graduate experience. This year is predominantly a research based and self initiated approach. Advance exposure to research and research methodologies culminates in a dissertation. Self initiated design explorations, industry collaborations come together in the final graduation project keeping design, technology, sustainability and human centric design at its core.
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