Ph.D. in Design (Product Design)

Product Design is the professional skill of creating and developing context-led concepts into tangible solutions for the benefit of society, industry and the environment. Product design domain requires in-depth knowledge of variety of allied fields such as ergonomics, HCI Design, Socio-technical systems, system designs, human centred design, user interface design, user experience design, kansei engineering, packaging design, information, interaction design and many more. The PhD curriculum offered at the institute have uniquely evolved from a value based interdisciplinary approach to creative problem solving approach wherein research is essential to the process of product design. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in product design shall be awarded for a period of advanced study that culminates an research experience along with accompanying thesis that creates building blocks of design knowledge and the application of design thinking process and practice.

Objective of PhD programme in product design is to facilitate deep understanding of design research methodology, innovative product development and creating of new ideas, process and skills in the field of product design and allied fields. Research work shall contribute new design theories, physical product design and design philosophy. The purpose of this programme is to support the creation of products or services that improve the quality of life of people, create new design research methodologies, solving industrial complex problems, help in design education and research at large. PhD researcher should engage with original research and create new knowledge for design fraternity. Also, researcher should get opportunity to enable industrial research collaboration, avail seed grants, business incubation, entrepreneurship and product design services.

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