Ph.D. in Design (Visual Communication)

The world we inhabit today is getting visually richer every passing day. We consume much more visual content than our previous generations did. And with exponential advances in information technology and access, a constantly evolving global visual culture has emerged. Visuals have transcended conventional mediums and are perceived more as multi-sensory experiences. The Ph.D program of the School of Visual Communication of Unitedworld Institute of Design, Karnavati University, Gandhinagar is a rigorous research led program for academics and professionals who are driven to expand and enhance their knowledge and practice while challenging the boundaries of the discipline through new insights and innovations in the global visual culture. It will promote contextualized immersive engagement and inquiry; explore collaboration with academic and industry professionals; foster original research and synthesis with the aim to innovate new experiences, theories, practices, products, services and knowledge within design in general and visual communication in particular.

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