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How Is The Healthcare Industry Leveraging The Power Of AI: Useful Insights For Students Planning To Pursue An Artificial Intelligence Course

January 5, 2021
From facial recognition on your smartphones to driverless cars, artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is being used across industries and healthcare is no exception. Artificial intelligence changing the way doctors and clinical providers make decisions. It is helping in diagnosing, treatment planning and medicine management. If you are planning to pursue an artificial intelligence course here are some useful insights for you:

Clinical decision support: As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), the world will be short of about 13 million healthcare workers by 2035. In such a scenario, AI plays a very important role in addressing the widening gap between the supply of skilled healthcare professionals and their demand. Moreover, training physicians and health workers have been challenging. AI has the potential to ease the human resources crisis by facilitating diagnostics, decision-making and administration. For instance, there are several AI-backed wearables that real-time health monitoring, especially for elderly care.● Informed decisions: Since AI can collect and keep people’s data in a single place, it can utilise this information to see into the previous and current health problems. Such a comparison enables physicians to make a more accurate diagnosis. By combining human experts with AI, IBM Watson Health is helping health professionals around to make more informed decisions about care.

Reduced administrative work: At a time, there is a shortage of skilled health workers, many professionals are overworked because of the caregiving demands and the administrative workload. AI-based chatbots are being used as health assistants and personal trainers --- reducing the administrative workload. They schedule doctor appointments, send medication alerts, and identify the condition based on symptoms. AI-powered healthcare assistant applications are helping physicians, patients and care-givers in the above functionalities.

Robotic surgery: Surgeons must always be precise when making incisions or performing surgical tasks. To assist surgeons, the healthcare industry is planning to use AI and collaborative robots. AI-powered surgical robots are currently being conceptualised by many tech companies. Surgical robots are able to control the depth, and speed of their movements with great precision. Deploying robots for surgery means increased precision, speedy recovery and no room for human error. Collaborative robots can help reduce the effects of hand tremors and avoid unintended movements.

Detect mental illness: In a world, where 1 in 4 people suffer from mental disorders, AI can play a significant in catching mental disorders in a timely manner. AI-based new technologies can help identify mental health symptoms earn on. It can help identify suicidal thoughts and symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorders. AI can offer support and save lives.

If you are planning to pursue artificial intelligence degree, explore our B.Sc. (Hons.) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programme. Learn artificial intelligence by studying natural language processing, data visualisation, predictive analytics, deep neural networks and image processing. The course includes an industry-integrated internship programme and at the end of the course, the students will work on a capstone project that will give their prospective employees a peek into what they have learnt in the classroom.

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