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Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI) : Empowering current and future workforce with automation skills
Unitedworld School of Computational Intelligence (USCI), Karnavati University has established academic collaboration with UiPath Academic Alliance. Created to drive UiPath’s vision for an automated and fully-employed world, the Alliance empowers all people – from young students to experienced professionals – to access and best leverage available automation solutions.

The UiPath Academic Alliance represents UiPath’s ambition to serve more than one million students and one thousand schools in the next three years. The Alliance consists of
Higher Education Programme that equips students with critical automation skills, allowing them to connect virtually any software. The program also unites students with engaged employer networks to better understand how RPA can applied in business settings.
Automation Educators Programme that provides educators teaching at the high school and university levels with toolkits to develop course plans focused on RPA and AI.
Youth in Automation Programme where elementary and middle school-age students learn RPA through interactive games and demos.

UiPath has also unveiled its Reflection Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to better expose underrepresented groups in technology and automation to RPA. By partnering with leaders of the Tech Inclusion Movement, UiPath seeks to promote RPA as a critical STEM skill and provide targeted groups with automation training and career opportunities. In addition, the company has established an Automation Skills Programme to ensure that today’s professionals stay competitive as automation becomes increasingly prevalent in the workforce. In collaboration with nonprofits and other organizations committed to diversity, UiPath aims to link vulnerable populations with the training and employment resources needed to secure job opportunities and define the next phase of their careers.

Why do we collaborate with the UiPath Academic Alliance?
UiPath is the recognized leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history! UiPath’s minimal-code, drag-and-drop Studio development platform enables RPA developers to quickly and easily implement robots that use a combination of groundbreaking Computer Vision and UI-selector technology to navigate applications and mimic user actions to automate end-to-end business processes – delivering ROI in days and weeks. UiPath is differentiated in multiple ways (Refer:

Our innovation in computer vision allows robots to read a screen and navigate desktop, web, and virtualized applications. We are now taking that to the next level, with sophisticated, Pragmatic AI capabilities that enable automation of increasingly complex, cognitive tasks.

Leveraging our Open and Extensible platform, we have one of the most diverse partner ecosystems; delivering intelligent automation via AI tools such as MicrosoftTM Handwriting Recognition, BPM systems such as K2TM, BizagiTM, H20.AITM, and AppianTM, as well as productivity applications like MicrosoftTM OfficeTM and GoogleTM G-SuiteTM.

The UiPath platform is built entirely on the MicrosoftTM stack. As a leader in enterprise productivity, business applications and cloud services, MicrosoftTM is the most widely adopted technology stack across enterprises. Our ability to integrate seamlessly with the MicrosoftTM stack drives faster ROI for enterprise customers.

Scalability is a key factor in delivering UiPath’s vision of “One Robot for Every Person” and we currently have deployments with some customers in the range of tens of thousands of robots. Customers are moving well beyond simply experimenting with RPA.

Great Curricula
Specially designed and developed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) curricula

Free Software
UiPath software for all enrolled students and educators

Promotional Support
Customizable promotion assets for you to promote and create RPA awareness among your students

Industry Leading Certification
Increase credibility, career marketability and recognition of your students via the prestigious UiPath certification

 Benefits to students and faculty
Students can
Build robotic assistants to work faster and smarter, conduct research more easily, find financial aid, or even automate the job hunt
Create their own startup with automation at its heart
Help the university automate manual processes
Develop in-demand RPA skills for a rewarding future

Benefits of joining the UiPath Academic Alliance
UiPath will equip our institution with all the knowledge, curricula, software, training tools and support to leverage the emerging opportunities in RPA.

• Benefits to Students

  • Access RPA technologies via UiPath Academic Alliance Edition
  • Learn from high-quality UiPath curriculum in a current syllabus or class
  • Join a community of professionals and experts worldwide
  • Become an in-demand RPA professional

• Benefits to Educators- Faculty

    • Teach from a comprehensive RPA curriculum including hands-on labs
    • Utilize courses that can be integrated into degree programs for academic credits
    • Access RPA technologies via UiPath Academic Alliance Edition software to teach and do research
    • Include RPA as an introductory subject in a current syllabus or class
    • Leverage a resource kit with courseware, case studies and other teaching aids
    • Use our promotional kit to attract students to RPA classes
    • Build your own RPA skillsJoin a community of fellow automation professionals through in-person, virtual and on demand educator-readiness workshops

• Benefits to Partner Institutions

  • Be a leader in the Automation First movement
  • Prepare your students for an automated future and exciting career
  • Unique opportunity to introduce software robots to every student and professional
  • Introduce RPA as a Continuing Education differentiator
  • Play a key role in upskilling students and educators
  • Access UiPath Academic Alliance materials for branding and promotion
  • Benefit from PR activities and media coverage
Pathway to an Automation Ready Workforce
• RPA training content for the employed and unemployed
• RPA career paths
• Focus on adult education in RPA
• Self-led and instructor-led education
• Access to better jobs through education in on-demand competencies and technologies
The UiPath – Leader in the Market
• Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the #3 fastest growing job skill
• Demand for RPA developers has grown by 117% in the last year alone
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