It’s no wonder that USLM students look so confident in facing the world. They go through all the rigors of academics, skill development, and outreach programmes so that they grow mentally strong and positive for their future endeavors. They are guided by the best of faculties in a world-class environment.

The courses have been meticulously planned – both for Liberal Arts and for Mass Communications. The first two years ( four semesters) prepare the base, while in the third year – which is a trimester – the students choose their areas of specializations – for Liberal Arts, it can be People in Societies, or History and International Relations, or Business Studies, or Economics & Public Policy, or Communication & Aesthetics. For Mass Communications students, they can specialize in Broadcast Journalism & Film Studies, or in Advertising & Public Relations, or in Print & Cyber Journalism. The Liberal Arts students have the option of studying the fourth year as an Advanced Diploma to make them eligible to study in foreign universities.

In terms of future prospects of both Liberal Arts and Mass Communications students, one can unhesitatingly say, that the sky is the limit. The Liberal Arts students can pursue civil services, careers in entrepreneurship, healthcare, research, marketing, qualified interpreters and transcribers and do well in all kinds of work related to social services. Mass Communications students will outshine others in journalism, filmmaking, radio jockeying, scriptwriting, media planning, managing events, television anchoring, corporate communications and in advertising.

Karnavati University graduates stand out among others because they are made to believe that they are the best. They enjoy life because they learn the skills the hard way.

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