B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies

B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies

The specialisation in Film Studies will provide students with detailed knowledge of both the creative potential of film and the relationship between film and the societies it portrays, setting you up for a career in media arts and related industries.

From studying block busters, to understanding aspects of gender, race and sexuality – the course aims at developing the skills of the students to understand how cinema entertains, informs and influences its audiences.

Note: If course is not offered due to lack of adequate number of students, students of the same course will be transferred to other course on the basis of available seats as per the guidelines of the Academic Council.

Course Structure

B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies
3 + 1 years’ programme. Course Structure for the programme of Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Mass Communication with specialisation in Film Studies.
B.A. (Hons.) in Film Studies will help students to develop critical skills that would enable them to appreciate the art form; and expose them to practical aspects of film making which will help them to identify their area of interests and hone necessary skills in the overall scheme of movie making.

  • Principles of Management
  • Performing Arts
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • English Language
  • Motivation and Team Building 1
  • Leadership skills 1
  • Public Speaking and Corporate Communication 1
  • Gender and Society
  • Environmental Studies
  • Economics
  • OB
  • MS Office
  • Motivation and Team Building 2
  • Leadership Skills 2
  • Public Speaking and Corporate Communication 2
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Technique and Art of Broadcasting
  • Digital Media - An Introduction
  • Advertising and PR - Principles, Concepts and Management
  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Techniques and Podcasting
  • Principles of Communication
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Indian Cinema
  • International Cinema 1
  • Film Theories
  • Film Aesthetics
  • Theories of Communication
  • Media Ethics and Law
  • Hindi Cinema
  • Language of Cinema
  • International Cinema 2
  • Film Appreciation
  • Photography
  • Project Work
  • Media Research & Dissertation
  • Term Paper (Supervised)
  • Film Culture
  • Alternate Lenses
  • Critical Thinking
  • Rural Immersion
  • Project Work
  • Dissertation
  • Internship

Advance Diploma in Film Studies

Advanced Diploma in Film Studies will equip students to creatively express their thoughts and improve their story telling techniques through creative writing, storyboarding, sound design, photography etc.

  • Scripting & Screenplay
  • Production Design
  • Creative Writing 1
  • Creative Thinking
  • Personality Development 1
  • Internship
  • Music in Film
  • Art of Storyboard
  • Creative Writing 2
  • Archive Management
  • Personality Development 2
  • Internship

List of Elective Courses

Per Semester any 2 out of the 6 Elective Offered, to be selected

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