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Career Prospects

Career Prospects

The students of the Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communication are taught to demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate information from various sources to create cohesive, persuasive arguments and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

The Liberal Arts department  at USLM offers specialisations a broad range of  areas belonging to humanities, social sciences and natural sciences such as literature, languages,  philosophy, theatre, psychology, and more.
These subjects can also be split into the categories of verbal arts, numerical arts and analytical arts. The students will develop skills like critical thinking and the ability to communicate effectively verbally, as well as in writing. Students will achieve a sense of social responsibility, as well as strong intellectual and practical skills, demonstrating the ability to understand complex problems.
Graduates may find job opportunities in a wide range of areas including: art, education, politics, social work public service, military service, medicine, or law.

The Mass Communication department at USLM offers 4 areas of specialization- Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Film Studies and Digital Media.
Mass Communication as a field is gaining popularity with young job seekers all over the world.
The degree will open up opportunities for the students to seek careers as journalists, digital media planners and experts, advertising and public relation specialists, become movie directors or be involved in various facets of movie making, media planner, copywriter, TV producer, cameraperson, radio jockey, be a part of communication teams in NGOs, hospitals, government agencies , universities and as event managers.

At USLM the student who chooses Mass Communication learns technical aspects like learning how to use a camera, edit video images or audio tape, build a website, create a billboard, etc .

The  strategic aspect  that a student will learn includes deals with understanding how mass communication affects our daily lives, understanding how people react to mass communication, knowing the essential components of a mass communication strategy, and building an understanding of how mass media outlets operate as economic and political institutions.

The Bachelor of Commerce offered at USLM is a unique degree in which the student other than exploring options for further studies, career in banking, insurance, charter accountancy can also explore careers in the field of Mass Communication and various discipline of  Liberal Arts .
The commerce students at USLM will learn critical thinking, digital media and how the social media can be used in their respective fields, effective communication skills and basic of human psychology and theatre. The interdisciplinary nature of the department will ensure that the student is armed with various skills other than his/her commerce degree.

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