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Psychology is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

The course offers a scientific study of the human behaviour. It also explores the nature and dynamics of ongoing transformations in terms of family, social equality, human behaviour, gender, race, ethnicity, culture and socialization through field studies. Recent studies have shown that in digital era, the importance of mind-life balance is of utmost importance.

The course enriches the students’ ability to critically analyze and understand social, behavioural and thinking mind patterns apart from giving them the opportunities to conduct independent research. Through this course, students gain better perspective of social psychology, psychology of gender, race and ethnicity and emerging behavioural trends.


History is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

The sweep of this course ranges from the earliest recorded historical periods up to the contemporary world. It offers a substantive introduction to histories of Asia, Africa, Europe and America from both chronological and methodological perspectives. While the core focus is trained on an in depth study of South Asia, it is complemented with the inescapably global and comparative scope of history as an intellectual discipline.

Students will learn why and how the present of various parts of the contemporary world came to be shaped in response to their diverse pasts. In addition, they will develop a critical sensitivity to how pasts come to be reinterpreted in response to competing politics and scholarship. The course also exposes students to a diversity of source materials, in order for them to develop an active interest in the process of writing and researching history. A dedicated focus of public and oral history further equips the students to the applied and contemporary aspects of history.


English is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

The course involves analysing the literary texts ranging from Anglo-Saxon to Post-Modern period, both in historical and cultural perspectives. It requires the students to study literary theory & criticism for further in-depth learning.

The course will focus on training students to analyze English Literature beyond its traditional concepts which include the application of inter-disciplinary theories. The course will typically allow students to analyze literary texts ranging from history of different periods, and relate it to its cultural, social, historical and political contexts. Seminars and group discussions will provide a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas. Literature is a body of written works and its study help the students to develop an art of empathy for better understanding of the complex dynamic human relations; appreciation of works of art and literature and also awareness in critical thinking.

Media Studies

Media Studies is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

The course emphasizes on various aspects of media be it Television, Radio, Newspaper, Cyber; through approaches to its history, theory and technology. The course has been primarily designed to equip students with intellectual resources necessary to meet the needs of a rapidly changing media workplace.

The course will help students enhance their knowledge of fast-evolving issues, including changing audience preferences, technologies and working styles in the media industry. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, the art of storytelling, recognize new creative markets and design new work flows. Adaptation of practical production techniques and knowledge is an integral part of this curriculum. Students will also learn to manage media projects and learn to deliver using a wide variety of technologies and media strategies.


Philosophy is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

It majorly focuses on analysis of ideas that have shaped the intellectual climate of being. As part of the course, students will delve deep into the texts of classic historical philosophies as well as contemporary philosophy to ponder the type of questions that will enhance their ability to understand heritage, contemporaries and themselves.  It will examine folk opinions and interpret questions arising from their engagement with real world arguments. Students will have the opportunity to explore a number of central social, political and ethical theories, the epistemological themes around intelligence and mechanical mind, the relationship between knowledge, beliefs and evidence, and the role of reasoning and sensory perception in knowledge acquisition.

The course aims to improve the reasoning and critical skills of students. Among the skills gained by philosophy majors include the ability to think logically, ability to assess proposed solutions, ability to analyze and solve problems, ability to think and communicate clearly, connect better with people on an intellectual and level. Students can communicate their thoughts with clarity and are equipped with a solid understanding of the language of culture.

Political Science

Political Science is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts

Political Science is a branch of the social sciences that studies the state, politics and government. Political Science deals extensively with the analysis of various political systems. It looks at the theoretical and practical applications of politics in the contemporary world, and examines the political behavior of state and non-state actors. This course offers a wide range of knowledge on the subjects which are categorized under the umbrella of political studies, such as, political theory, political philosophy, Indian political thought, western political thought, International relations, public administration, foreign policies of different States, comparative politics, constitutions of the world States etc. Students are expected to study the governance system, public policies, institutional design and political behaviours through research and analysis.

Students specializing in Political Science will be able to understand and inter-relate existing literature, political theories and methods, International and Indian political context. Students will be able to analyze and formulate effective argumentation, appreciate diverse political opinions, collect critical information and study historical documents for effective participation in contemporary politics.

Broadcast Journalism & Film Studies

Broadcast Journalism & Film Studies is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Mass Communication

Advertising & PR

Advertising & PR is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Mass Communication

Print & Cyber Journalism

Print & Cyber Journalism is one of the 'Majors' offered in B.A. (Hons.) Mass Communication